Terrace board

Decorating terraces, garden paths, piers and other architectural structures with terrace board.

Can we use wood for exterior works, for example, for arranging tracks or open terraces ? Previously, such a question could give rise to doubts, because the problem with the effect on a wooden surface by weather conditions has not been resolved. But since decking and special means of its processing appeared, it became possible to get the affirmative answer on this question. Because this material has retained all the advantages inherent in the combination of natural wood, but now it will not be harmed nor by the rain, nor by the sun, nor by the cold.

Фото Наименование Профиль Размеры, мм Ед. изм. Стоимость
lauro Лоуро Гладкая 20x140x2100+ м²
3021 руб
kumaru Кумару красный Рифленая/Гладкая 20x140x2150+ м²
3376 руб
teak Тик (Бирма) Гладкая 22x145x1200-3000 м²
10022 руб
ipe Ипе Гладкая 20x140x2150+ м²
5260 руб
thermo-yasen Термо-ясень D4 20x95,112,132,150x1500-4800 м²
4934 руб

So, decking board, that gives you the opportunity to realize the most unusual fantasies. Wooden playground in the garden, wooden walkway, terraces, piers and much more that the owner of a private home can only imagine, who hopes to make his home beautiful and extraordinary.

Needless to say, that decking became popular almost immediately. As usual, the material took quite wary at first, doubting its characteristics, but after a large number of projects was implemented in a short that have confirmed compliance with the claimed quality, Cumaru decking and other wood was used throughout.

Decking and decking of kumara.

Decking has already established itself as a very reliable flooring that is able to withstand the effects of natural and serves its owners for years. Decking requires no special care. Decking is easy to clean. Being environmentally friendly coating, decking brings naturalness and sophistication to finish terraces, gazebos. In addition, the board is able to add decking special touch to the landscape design of the park, the garden and countryside recreation.

What are the main benefits of using decking boards?

A wide selection of species and minimum decking`s production time.

The most suitable material for terraces is considered tropical wood. In its strength and hardness it is much better than oak and unique texture and color of the wood attracts even the most demanding customers. Decking of exotic species is resistant to mechanical damage, is not exposed to insects and rot. Very popular is the decking of the kumara.

As decking installed using special fasteners, uniform flooring, durability terraces, stealth attachment points and quick installation provides.

Thanks to the excellent properties of wood, decking can last more than 50 years.

The wood has a high density, so there is a very low probability that the decking board can somehow deformed during the operating period.

Natural material is environmentally friendly.

ДDecking is characterized by the expensive finishes appearance.

As you know, decking is considered the most common, popular and affordable wooden cover for outdoor use. The thing is that most decking meets the specific requirements that people apply to the outdoor terrace.

Decking can have two different types of surface. Sometimes it can be smooth and corrugated. Basically, apart from appearance, all other properties possessed by decking, regardless of the type of the surface remain unchanged. But still it must be said that the grooved decking is more in demand in high humidity conditions. The fact that such a decking provides a higher level of security, because this board is much less likelihood of slipping.

Texture and natural color, that is characterized by terraced board, attach beauty and originality to sites, premises, paths in the garden. In addition, the decking blends with decorative elements of landscape architecture, which are made of wood or stone, colorful flowerbeds, green lawns. Decking provides a unique opportunity in your own garden to create unique visual effects that you are sure to be proud of. Decking - is beautiful, comfortable and environmentally friendly.

Decking - price and quality, buy in Moscow

Special board for terraces may have a different value, although it is worth outset that fun is not cheap. But it's worth it, and connoisseurs of harmonious forms and aesthetic perfection in home improvement has long been decided on preferences.

The cost of material depends primarily on the wood species. If, for example, it is Cumaru, the price will be higher than in the woods growing in our band, but it is appropriate for both exotic valuable timber. If decking is made of larch or alder, the price will be slightly lower, as these woods are not as expensive.

Decking or garden parquet - the beauty and the least effort when laying

An excellent solution for open ground is a garden flooring, or decking. Company «EXPRESWOOD» produces and tiled terrace board modules of different woods. Always timber of Russian origin and foreign exotic varieties such as kumara, Lauren, ipe, teak, larch and others are available. Depending on the material the price per 1 m2 of decking is determined. Besides the type, it is necessary to clearly define the color of the terrace board, so that it perfectly fits into the overall landscape of the site. Deck board is not only used for laying tracks on the site, the site terrace, but also for internal work : finishing loggias, balconies, interior floor.

Garden parquet`s benefits

Decking is issued in modules that fits without rigid attachment. It reduces the cost of the installation process and its time. The decking can be laid on any basis - the floor, the ground, the frame of the timber. Therefore, it is often used outside and for garden paths and terraces of wood and open balconies, gazebos. Garden wood board has excellent properties that allows it to maintain a full view for a long time, even under the influence of atmospheric conditions : moisture, drying wind, high and low temperatures and their differences. Deking wooden modules are mounted on a plastic grid that serves as a kind of protection from external influences when laying on the ground or any surface on the street. Special attachments allow quickly and simply to connect modules together. This design is perfectly breathable, the circulation of which significantly slows down the process of deformation. The only drawback of such a coating is the fragility and transience of plastic base. If you want a thorough coating of wood with a long service life, it is better to choose a deck or terraced board of exotic wood mounted on joists of solid rocks, mainly just from exotic wood. Ideally the deck of Cumaru, Lauren, Teak, Ipe, Larch, thermo Ash or thermo- pine are suited for such purposes.

Prices on garden board

Decking, the price of which depends on the type of wood, in most cases has a standard thickness of 20 mm. For special purposes, our company can offer the board, the thickness of which is 22, 25, 26 and even 40 mm. The length of the board can also be varied - from 900 to 6000 mm. The minimum width of the product is 40 mm, maximum is 150 mm. The most popular types of wood used for garden parquet and plank are Cumaru, Ipe, Lauren, Teak, Thermowood and Larch. More expensive decking board produced of exotic tree species, larch is much cheaper, but its properties certainly inferior to the density and stability. Experts of the company «EXPRESWOOD» help each client make the right choice and determine what kind of board is necessary for performance of works. You need only to call - and you get detailed advice on matters of interest. All materials we deliver to the customer as soon as possible in any part of Russia and the CIS.

Experts of the company «EXPRESWOOD» will help you to make a reality of your dreams about a beautiful and comfortable home. If you've always dreamed about using Cumaru decking or even more exotic wood in your home improvement – there is nothing impossible. In the catalog of materials of our company you will find quite unusual wood that will become a decoration and a complement of the most sophisticated and unconventional design. Call us, and we are confident that we will find for you the best optimal offer.